The Digital Museum Expo is conceived as a visit to the museums of the future. Seven different themes are explored through several applications that have been developed using different technologies.

In the Digital Museum Expo in Rome for example, there will be 15 applications based on 11 different technologies. Every application, or virtual museum, is accompanied by a label indicating the theme and the type of technology used to develop it.

Goals of the Expo

The Digital Museum Expo has three functions. It presents new and innovative technologies for museums, monuments and sites. It offers a series of presentations and training sessions about these technologies that explain how to integrate them into museums (Virtual Museum Academy). It allows partners of the V-MusT Network to present their own solutions and methodologies.

When considering new technologies for digital and virtual museums, the Expo is focused not only on innovation but also on user interaction, on the cost of the hardware and software and on the ease of integration in museums. Sustainability, integration into a museum’s day-to-day operations and maintenance costs are also key considerations when defining an appropriate solution.

Applications and technologies presented at Digital Museum Expo are supported by public presentations and training (Virtual Museum Academy) that will explain how to integrate these technologies into digital and virtual museums. This support will be provided by museum and technology experts.


The Digital museum Expo will be organised at the 4 exhibition venues, plus some additional places all over Europe.

  • Rome: Tabernae of the Trajan Markets and Imperial Fora Museum, 24 -28 September 2014;
  • Sarajevo: Faculty of Electrical Engineering, 13 - 14 October 2014;
  • Amsterdam: Allard Pierson Museum, 8 - 10 december 2014;
  • Alexandria: Bibliotheca Alexandrina, 15 - 17 December 2014.

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