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Trajan’s Market, a unique archaeological complex in Rome, perhaps even worldwide, has experienced the evolution of the city from the imperial age until today: it has been constantly reused and transformed.

Once the strategic administrative center of the Imperial Fora, became a noble residence and a military fortress during the Middle Ages, a prestigious convent during the Renaissance and military barracks after the Capture of Rome. Now, with the completion of recent renovations, Trajan’s Market has begun a new “season” of life, as a museum dedicated to the architectural and sculptural decoration of the Imperial Fora; the ancient monuments are reconstructed to restore the idea of the original spaces and their functions.

The museum will host the exhibition “Keys to Rome. The City of Augustus”, focused on the discovery of Augustan age. In the “taberne” of the Great Hemicycle will be organised, between the 24 and 28 of September, the “Digital Museum Expo”, on the technological solutions for the museum of the future.

K2R @ Trajan’s Market

"Keys to Rome" at the Trajan Markets presents the story of Roman culture and its diversity, through the ages of the empire.

In the Great Hall of the Museum, a map of the city, set up as a second floor, will give the visitor the feeling of "walking" in Rome two thousand years ago. The Forum of Augustus, his Mausoleum, the Ara Pacis and other monuments, "come out" from the map, and through multi-media installations, visitors can follow their story backwards in time.

Two busts of the great personalities of the Roman Republic will come to life and talk about the strategies and the historical events that have led to the rise of Augustus.

At the center of the experience, an interactive game allows visitors to enter a 3D scene of the Forum of Augustus. Here they can discover objects from the museum’s permanent collection in their original context.

And Video panels illustrate scientific innovations and the latest excavations, showing the ongoing research of the archaeologists of the Government Department responsible for cultural heritage of the Municipality of Rome.

The exhibition “Keys to Rome, the City of Augustus”, opens to the public on September 23, the day of birth of the emperor Augustus. In the “taberne” of the Great Hemicycle, from 24 and 28 of September, the “Digital Museum Expo”, will be organised, showing the technological solutions for the museum of the future.


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