Visitors enjoy an exhibit at Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam (Image © Monique Kooijmans. All rights reserved.)

At Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam, the Keys to Rome exhibition will focus on diversity and dynamics within the Roman Empire.

“The exhibition will show and compare Roman objects from three regions within the Roman Empire: Egypt, the Mediterranean and the Low Countries,” explains Museum Director Wim Hupperetz. “It focuses on 8 themes: food, housing, religion, funeral, appearance, army, leisure and trade. For each one, we have selected 3 key objects from the three regions.”

The exhibition is a pilot for the redesign of the Roman gallery at APM. It is built around a new approach to curation that focuses on the dynamic presentation of objects.

“The redesign will enable us to change the presentation to show more collections, update context information or integrate new technologies,” Hupperetz explains. "The development is done by the staff of the museum with the help of our partners at V-must and a group of interns."

This multi-disciplinary unit is made up of the following:

Project Management: Marian Schilder
Curators: Rene van Beek (Meditteranean/ classical archaeology), Branko van Oppen (Roman Egypt), Wim Hupperetz (provincial Roman archaeology/ Low Countries)
Interactives: Christie Ray (coordination/evaluation studies), Renee Meijer (interaction design), Dominique Rau (development RFID-infrastructure), Vincenzo Ria (archaeological content), Stan Verbeek (game design/3D modelling)
3D exhibition design: Theo Braams projecten
2D exhibition design: Mirjam Schlick, Extrablond
Communication: Jan Willem Overbeek
Construction: Rob Huygens, Wout Borst, Mario Westmaas
Publication coordination: Paulien Retel
Photography: Stephan van der Linden
Loans: Birgit Maas