City Hall Vijecnica, Sarajevo

Keys to Rome will be the first museum exhibition in Bosnia and Herzegovina that combines digital and physical exhibits.

The Keys to Rome exhibition in Sarajevo will be built around the remains from the Roman period in Cim near Mostar and Ilidža near Sarajevo. Interactive virtual environments of the Early Christian basilica from Cim and Roman villa and the thermal baths from Ilidža will be combine with physical exhibition of the remains from these sites kept in the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Museum of Sarajevo.

For two years the experts from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Sarajevo have worked with curators from two museums and members of the V-MusT.net consortium on the design and implementation of the digital content for Keys to Rome, searching for the best way of enhancing the physical exhibition.

The most significant artifacts from the museum collections of this period have been digitized and included in the interactive quest that will be available to exhibition visitors in all four locations. It will enable them to understand the context of the Roman Empire and find out how the local traditions intertwined with the Roman influence in the region.

The Sarajevo exhibition will be located in the recently restored City Hall Vijecnica. It was initially the largest and most representative building of the Austro-Hungarian period in Sarajevo. This magnificent building was constructed in a mixture of styles combining historicism and pseudo-Moorish styles. The hexagonal space of the main wing will accommodate the exhibits and adjoining digital setups.

Keys to Rome will be a valuable contribution to the permanent exhibitions of the museums involved and an exciting resource for their curators, which can be used to enhance their work in the future.